How the girls go to school?

AOP Homeschooling

AOP Homeschooling is an alternative to traditional formal school formats. Homeschool students learn inside their homes most often led by their parents. There are a variety of motivations and goals in mind when parents consider homeschooling their children. These can include concerns for education quality, the social environment within public schools, an inability of schools to serve the special needs of individual children, a desire to control how children are taught and an intentional focus on one-to-one learning and teaching. Follow this guide to learn more about how homeschooling works and how to homeschool your child.

Education Perfect

EP is adjustable for every style of homeschooling. It’s built to enhance your ability as a home educator and offer your child both structured and flexible methods of learning. The platform allows you to adapt for individual strengths and weaknesses so every learner feels supported. You can: Follow our learning plans to ensure curriculum success. Unschool your learner with an interest led approach Compete our monthly competitions to earn certificates, prizes and more! Join over 3,000 other homeschoolers!

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Crimson Global Academy 

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a world-class online high school designed for ambitious students. Our mission is simple: we provide premium education without the constraints of physical schooling. We connect the world's leading teachers to a small, live class of international learners, wherever they are. Through our online high school we aim to provide: effective, challenging and transformative schooling access to cutting-edge educational technologies a ‘whole person’ approach to our students a connection to the global learning environment a diverse programme of extracurricular actitivies, and, a positive school culture