Zagreb : The Central European City With Medieval Towers, Palaces, Open-air Markets, And Ancient Cathedrals

Join us as we visit Zagreb - the capital of Croatia on the slopes of Medvednica Hill!

Zagreb is the political, commercial and cultural heart of Romania with over 900 years of rich history. One of the oldest cities in Central Europe, Zagreb is nestled between the mountain of Medvednica and the river Sava. Even though this is a modern city, it is not without it’s small-town charm. Its enticing mixture of medieval towers, palaces, open-air markets, and ancient cathedrals gives it a unique look seldom found in any other parts of the world!

There were different kinds of museums; history, education, relationships and even they have a museum of Mushrooms. We visited a museum which was about broken relationships. So Chloe thinks, if you are sad or depressed, you can visit here. The museum was really nice as it has some things that will make you cry and some things that will make you laugh. So, it was worth visiting this museum. It was one of the innovative museums of the whole Europe.

Here is an interesting story about Zagreb, the modern city of Zagreb is uniquely separated into 2 sections - Upper Town (Gornji Grad) and Lower Town (Donji Grad).

The Upper Town is the most interesting and ancient part of the city, being home to the Presidential Palace, the iconic St Mark’s Church, the Croatian parliament, and countless museums and galleries. This area seems to be a piece of the past with its cobbled streets lit by gas lamps. The Lower Town offers numerous coffee shops, restaurants, theatres, parks, wide avenues and grand neo-classical buildings. This leafy part of the town is perfect for sampling a delicious Croatian dish, having lunch at a cafe or for some upmarket shopping!

We had seen Zagreb cathedral; Croatia’s largest secret building which has been in the spot since the 8th century. It was damaged several times by fire or earthquake but it was a quite nice thing to see. We visited a Bazar and had our lunch. Here you will find the world's smallest Funicular which opens in every 10 minutes and it connects the lower town to the upper town. The funicular is called Zagreb’s Funicular and it has been running since 1890. We visited the iconic St Mark’s Church in the upper town. We went there a day before their independence day so we saw many military guys were there preparing for their ceremony. Here we had noticed a strangest museum which was the museum of torture!

We found a Japanese restaurant here named Teka. The girls never had authentic Japanese food before. So we went there to taste authentic Japanese food in Croatia. The food was different but really good! The next day we again visited St Mark’s Church and attended Croatia's independence day. From St Mark’s Church we took a tour in a tunnel. There is a story about these tunnels. There was a woman from Slovenia called Black Queen. Basically she wanted a tunnel to her palace and she wanted it to be big enough so that she could travel there with her carriage. Most of the countries we visited, we had to pay to take a tunnel tour but here it was completely free and we reached the downtown through one of the tunnels. We had such a lovely tour here in downtown Zagreb.

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