Where in the World is Liechtenstein???

Today join us for a stroll in the German-speaking micro state called Liechtenstein - conveniently sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland - and learn all of its highlights.

Short recap - With only 160 square kilometers and 37,000 inhabitants, Liechtenstein is the world's sixth smallest country and believe it or not it is still ruled by a prince who is very conveniently living in a castle, overlooking the capital city of Vaduz.

Despite its small size and the fact that it is doubly landlocked the country doesn't lack natural wonders, being surrounded by rugged alpine peaks and arable lowlands.

And even though, Lichtenstein is a quite famous business centre with proven financial expertise and billions in bank savings, Chantal still got to amaze Chloe with the fact that this country is the world’s largest producer of false teeth.




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