Vilnius Travel Guide – 48 Hours in the Capital of Lithuania

Lithuania isn't a country that’s often promoted as a popular tourist destination but more recently is becoming more popular. Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, on the other hand, is being advertised as the “G-spot of Europe”, despite opposition from the church and central government. The ad describes it as a place that “Nobody knows where it is, but when you find it, it’s amazing”, it’s an undiscovered treasure.

The history of Vilnius is rich and varied with medieval roots that have left striking architecture throughout. Churches and cathedrals in particular are colorful, powerful, and yet splendid. Its Old Town is an UNESCO world heritage site with quaint streets paved in cobblestones and a skyline punctuated with the steeples of Orthodox churches in the main square surrounding the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.

Perched on a steep hilltop nearby is the Gediminas Castle. The main tower is still standing tall, and climbing to the top is one of the most popular things to do when you come in the city.

However, if you are ever in town we recommend you spend some time wandering the Old Town. Your itinerary should start with the Pilies Street until you make your way outside of it towards the Vilnius Railway Station. Passing through here will leave you with some post-Soviet flavor in addition to tranquil leafy side streets with third wave cafes and streetcars.




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