Toledo Spain – A Must See Town and Perfect Day Trip From Madrid

Join us for a tour of Toledo one of the most visited places in all of Spain!

We were completely amazed. Walking through the streets of this city made us feel that we had gone back to the Middle Ages when Toledo was the capital of Spain. It was one of the most important centres in Europe from the Gothic epoch until 1560 and its buildings stand tall to witness this period in time.

The architecture is really impressive with the main sights being the large fortress (alcázar) built by the monarchs, the vast and richly decorated cathedral, and the impressive archdiocesan palace built by the prelates of Toledo, primates of the Spanish church.

However, apart from the stunning infrastructure we also realized that there are so many souvenir shops in the city that also express the culture and identity of Toledo. They are filled with beautiful handmade products.

The city is surrounded by the River Tajo on three sides and two medieval walls on the fourth side.

Enjoy the video and let us know where you are watching from.




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