The Sunny Side of Verbier, Switzerland

If you ever scrolled through #nature on Instagram or watched some of the iconic movies with breathtaking scenery, you are certainly familiar with that feeling of awe that overwhelms you. You suddenly want to travel the world and explore every magnificent place it has to offer.


Verbier, Switzerland


Well, we recommend you to start your journey with a small skiing village of Verbier, Switzerland. You’ll find stunning landscapes you saw on Instagram, and you can definitely make your own memories here.

So, if you are eager to find out more about what Verbier offers, read on.


What should you know about Verbier, Switzerland?


The fact that English royalty has been choosing Verbier as their winter skiing destination for over 100 years speaks volumes about this place.

It is located around 20 minutes from Martigny, near the Italian border. We have to admit, the road to Verbier was a bit complicated because we had to do all these switchbacks to get there since it’s quite high up. However, as you'll see all of that trouble pays off in the end.

In any case, there are post busses or a cable car which takes you directly to Verbier from Le Châble to which you can get by train from Martigny.

There are only 2767 permanent residents in this village, but the number of tourists that come here in the winter makes it a hive of activity. Around 35000 people come here to enjoy their vacation and the fresh mountain air Verbier offers.


Verbier, Switzerland


If you wonder what exactly you can do here...well, for a skiing enthusiast the possibilities are endless.


What to visit and do in Verbier?


Here are some activities that'll help you have fun on your vacation and learn a lot about Verbier's culture:


What attracts most people to Verbier is skiing. The most popular is so-called off-piste (off-trail) skiing, but it’s for more experienced skiers. If you are a beginner, going to Savoleyres is a much better idea. However, the village is also very child-friendly. We saw bunny hills for children to ski on, so you don’t have to go up, and they can ski in the middle of the village.


Since we were here in summer, we saw that there are many summer activities as well. Hiking is definitely the most popular one since there are over 400 km of hiking trails to explore. You may even see snow which covers some of the trails all year round.

Even though these two are the most popular, you can also swim, bike, golf, go climbing or paragliding and also visit the annual music festival.


Verbier, Switzerland

Verbier Festival

The International classical music festival Verbier Festival gathers gifted artists, so it is the right place to enjoy in beautiful melodies and performances. Just imagine the scenery of Verbier with classical music in the background - incredible, isn’t it?


We praised how picturesque Switzerland is, so it makes sense that artists feel inspired and want to capture the beauty they see. A community of photographers developed in Verbier, mostly because of winter sports, so many started doing action photography. The highest point in Verbier ski resort is Mont-Fort glacier at 3330 m from which you can have a magnificent view. Whatever your preference is, you will for sure find material here so make sure you don't forget your camera.


Verbier, Switzerland


Pro Tips for Fellow Travelers


We also love first-hand information when we travel, so we are sharing these tips and tricks as always, so you could have the best time in Verbier.

  • Even though the official language here is French, there’s such high number of tourists in the winter that you can get by with English. You don’t have to worry about language and communication at all. People are very nice and helpful. We even met an Italian from Palermo, and the girls took pictures with his dog Nimbo, who is kind of a celebrity in Verbier. If you come across them, don't miss a chance to say hi.


  • You don’t need a car in Verbier since you can arrive on foot or even in ski boots basically everywhere. There is also a free bus which goes around the village until evening.


  • If you are a business person, you’ll love it here. Verbier is convenient for people who want to go skiing but may need a workspace as well. There’s a business lounge with high-speed internet, nice workstations, and a boardroom. It’s great for getting some work done in the middle of your vacation or meeting like-minded individuals.


Verbier, Switzerland


  • We recommend Coops and Migros for groceries. Besides that, there are many cute restaurants and coffee shops where you can try some delicious Swiss food.


  • If nightlife is important for you, you’ll find bars and pubs in Verbier, as well as night clubs which are open until 3 or 4 am. Be prepared to pay good money for it though.


  • Make sure you have the bus schedule between Verbier and Le Chable. The cable car runs from 8:30 to 18:30, so you can go by bus later.


  • And that's all folks. If you’re seeking for a combination of beautiful nature and fun activities, make sure you put Verbier on your list of places you want to visit. The girls said they would love to come back here in winter so we could experience Verbier in winter ourselves. We’ll make sure to share that with you as well.


Until then, watch our video, like and share our posts, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more breathtaking places and fun destinations. You’ll be hearing from us soon about our next adventure!


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