Tarifa Spain | One of the Best Beaches for Kitesurfing in the World

Welcome to Tarifa, a beautiful small town in the province of Cádiz, Spain! Located on the "Coast of Light" (Costa de la Luz) in the straits of Gibraltar, facing Morocco, this town is the perfect holiday resort for surfers and kiteboarders, because of the constantly-blowing strong western breezes. Animal lovers will enjoy this place too, especially if they visit from April to October when the whale & dolphin watching season is open.

Get ready to fall in love with this town, as many travelers and tourists did before. Such manic enthusiasm, regarding their hometown, inspired locals to come up with the term “Tarifa Virus.” We are not sure if there is something in the air, or simply the town’s vibe, but the combination of incredibly gorgeous beach, tapas, wine and charming narrow streets of the Old Tow will make you fantasize about spending the rest of your life here.




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