Visiting “Toblerone” chocolate Mountain – Zermatt, Switzerland

If you are subscribed to our YouTube channel, and you watched at least a few of our videos, you must have noticed the pattern. Our girls always manage to get a hold of some sweets, and you can see the pure happiness on their faces, as they enjoy their ice creams, chocolate, or any other sugary delicacy. For a parent, there is nothing more precious than the happiness of their children. Even though we try to stay on the no-sugar diet, we are allowed to have a cheat day from time to time, too. That is precisely what we did in Zermatt, Switzerland.
There is a good reason, why you should let yourself and your children enjoy chocolate. It increases serotonin and endorphin in our organisms, which means it makes us physically and psychologically happier. Today, we are choosing Toblerone!
“Why?” you ask?
Because we visited a mountain you can see on Toblerone’s packaging, their famous logo, and trademark – Matterhorn, which rises above our original destination, Zermatt.


A word or two on this small village

Zermatt is located in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. Their official language is German, but people here are reasonably good with English too, as their local economy is based primarily on tourism. Around 5.000 inhabitants are living here all year long. However, during the holiday season, this number can triple or even quadruple reaching 20.000 at the peak of the season, which means it gets seriously crowded.
As you already know, Matterhorn is their most famous mountain, but once you come here, you will realize that various mountains like Monte Rosa and glaciers are everywhere you look. This characteristic makes Zermatt a perfect ski holiday resort.


Guide to and through Zermatt

There is one thing you should understand about Zermatt – it is strictly car-free town, with 350 CHF fee if you take a risk and break the rule. This might sound harsh to some people, but if you take a moment to think about it, it is not just eco-friendly but truly wise solution too. Just try to imagine 20,000 people and their cars all trying to find their place on 250 square kilometers large area. Everything would collapse.
So, if you want to visit Zermatt, the best way is to do it by train. Because if you try to get here by your car, you will have to park it in Täsch. In our humble opinion, train option is the best, as you have a chance to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and Swiss railways are well-organized so you won’t have any problem arriving.


Still, you shouldn’t worry too much about their no-car policy, because there are plenty of ways to get around Zermatt. Geographically, the village is very small, which means you can get anywhere on foot. Also, there are electric and solar powered buses and taxis that drive around the town and to all ski stations every 8-10 minutes. Finally, you can use a train and cable cars. The train will take you to the top of Mount Gornergrat, and this experience is worth every penny, while the cable car runs all the way to the summit of the Klein Matterhorn.

Zermatt’s top sights

Now that you know how to get to Zermatt and go around the city, we can talk about its beauty and memorable places worth visiting.
The area that surrounds the village is called "Matterhorn glacier paradise, " and it is Europe's largest and highest (3883 m) lying summer skiing region, and people who come to Zermatt are usually into winter sports. Also, hikers and mountain climbers come here to conquer the biggest challenge - the Haute Route. This international hiking route takes several days to complete and leads from Mont Blanc, all the way to Zermatt.
However, if you love living at a slower pace, you won’t be disappointed. Many people come here to enjoy the scenery and relax. Cog railway will take you to Gornergat, to an altitude of 3089 meters, where you can enjoy magnificent panorama and take some great photos. Even though you will probably think that nothing can top that experience, cableway that takes you to Matterhorn glacier paradise will beg to differ. From the viewing platform at the highest glacier palace in the world, there is indeed nothing more you could ask for.
Matterhorn Museum will tell you everything you should know about Zermatt’s history. You should visit it at least to pay respect to the first ascent of the Matterhorn which happened in 1865 and ended tragically. Houses and the items of equipment are now museum pieces that tell the sad story of this event.


Keep in mind

All of Switzerland is more or less expensive, but Zermatt will surely leave an empty hole in your pocket. Accommodation is pricey, and all of the other necessities are not cheap either. However, everyone should afford this luxury at least once in their lifetime.
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Traveling is a passion, and we firmly believe that everyone should be able to pursue it, which is why we try to bring the world closer to people and inspire them to make the first step.

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