The Best of Nyon Switzerland

Our destination for today is the beautiful lakeside town of Nyon Switzerland.

Located just about 15 minutes from Geneva, it features scenic sites, such as the waterfront, the white medieval castle and the three Roman columns... And, guess what, we got to see them all!

The Nyon Castle houses the local history museum and it features cells of a former prison (which to be completely honest we found a little bit terrifying).

The three Roman columns, in turn, are just a short walk away from the Castle and we got to admire them on the esplanade of the Marronniers (Chestnut Tree Square) while overlooking the great Lac Léman / Lake Geneva.

Finally, we even found a grocery store for all of you Americans living in Switzerland and feeling homesick. Although it had really bad junk food we bought a cake for Angelique's birthday for old times' sake.




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