Schaffhausen Switzerland & The Rhine Falls – Europe’s Largest Waterfall

Join us as we visit Schaffhausen - a historic town in northern Switzerland.

Located on the Upper Rhine River between the Black Forest and Lake Constance, Schaffhausen has a lovely riverside location next to Switzerland’s largest waterfalls. The town is filled with Renaissance period architecture and offers numerous outdoor activities.

Being so close to the German border, Schaffhausen was mistaken as a German town & got bombed by the Allied forces in World War 2.

We started our tour with a stroll through the car-free Old Town that’s full of interesting details from fountain statues, intricately painted facades, decorated oriel windows, and more!

Then we took the yellow line boat to get an up close view of the Rhine Falls before ascending the middle rocky island. From here you can climb steep stairs to a viewing platform which offers a breathtaking view of the thundering waterfalls.

We also took a look inside Munot Castle which is on a hill overlooking the Old Town and has the best vantage point for the most wonderful view of the city and surrounding landscape. The last stop for the day was at CM Brauhaus, a local restaurant where we popped in to try their in-house brewed beer and specialty lunch menu!

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