Glacier 3000 & Les Diablerets Switzerland – Journey to The Top of the World

Les Diablerets is a small village perched in the heart of the Swiss mountains at the foot of the Glacier 3000 ski area. There are three main ski areas next to the village but Isenau and Glacier 3000 are the most popular, with the latter boasting the area's highest peaks. Glacier 3000, got its name for its position atop the 3.5km-long Glacier de Tsanfleuron and has had an increase in popularity since the 2014 opening of the incredible Peak Walk by Tissot suspension bridge.

Perched on the Bernese Alps, the 3,210 high massif near the Les Diablerets village is the highest one in the canton of Vaud. In the Middle Ages, the rock wall of the massif, known as the Devil's Skittle, was regarded as a dangerous and cursed place where the devil lived. Hence, the name “Les Diablerets“ which is derived from the French ‘le Diable’, or the devil.

Today all that has changed. Les Diablerets and indeed the whole area of the Vaud Alps has become a wonderful playground for tourists and locals alike. With so many activities to offer like hiking, climbing, biking, ballooning, rafting, skiing, snowboarding, sledding and snowshoeing in the winter, this place is a true paradise. Indeed with 74 lifts in the region including a train, six cablecars, 9 detachable chairlifts, 2 ordinary chairlifts and 27 ski lifts, the area is a mecca for winter sports and mountain enthusiasts who will find a variety of good hotels to select from as well as plenty of chalets and apartments to rent.




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