Friendly Village in the Heart of the Swiss Alps – St. Luc, Switzerland

One of the most significant gifts you can offer to your children is autonomy. However, independece is not something that just grows out of nowhere; it needs to be cultivated. Is there a better way to encourage it than letting your kids have short field trips on their own, take part in sleepovers at their friends’ houses and spend time without constant parent’s supervision in general?

That is exactly what we decided to do with our girls in St. Luc, Switzerland. We’ve sent them to visit their friends and spend a few days in their house. When they learned all of the interesting facts about the village and explored every corner of it, they organized a tour for us, and we joined them for a traditional Swiss Raclette dinner.

What should you know about Saint Luc?

Enjoy the facts our girls prepared for you.

Saint-Luc is a beautiful, family-friendly village in the district of Sierre in the Swiss canton of Valais. With its altitude of 1655 meters, it is one of the highest, continuously inhabited settlements in Europe. If you take a closer look at village’s history, you will notice it is first mentioned in 1267 as “Lus,” then in 1304 as Luc, while the name Saint Luc first appears around 1850.

This village has a population of roughly 330 people. The majority of inhabitants speak French, but you can also come across German, Portuguese and Italian.

If you decide to visit St. Luc, you will be driving on narrow, winding roads and up the mountain to make sure that you are extra careful. However, you can also take a train to Sierre and then catch a bus that will get you to St. Luc or neighboring village Chandolin.


Hiker’s heaven in summer, Skier’s dreams in winter

If who enjoy wildlife and outdoor activities, St. Luc can offer everything you need for a perfect holiday. There is plenty to do in both summer and winter. Saint Luc has numerous hiking trails that reach altitudes of more than 3000 m, with beautiful flora all around you. There are also mountain bike trails and downhill routes if you would like to get your adrenaline flowing. You can enjoy these activities for the most of the year, as this village has generous number of sunshine hours.

However, if you come here during the winter, you will find a skiing area that links the St. Luc resort with Chandolin. There are also winter hiking and snowshoeing trails. Magnificent view over the Val d’Anniviers and its 4000 m peaks, including the famous Matterhorn, make this destination even more desirable for nature lovers.

When you come to St. Luc, don’t miss a chance to try one of the many incredible herbal teas villagers make. The fact that they have 24 species of just orchid and 860-year-old giant larch tree tells a lot about their rich herbal resources, and there is no doubt that many of them have tremendous health benefits. At the same time, water in Saint Luc is extremely healthy as it contains various minerals. So, if you spend a week here and wash your hair with that water, it will become much softer and stronger.

What to visit?

When you visit St. Luc, you will realize that its architecture reflects the past atmosphere of the Belle Époque in the Val d'Anniviers. Grand Hotel Bella Tola & St-Luc is the best example of this style. It was built in 1859 as a simple guesthouse, on the northern edge of the village. However, it grew and developed quickly and, in 2001, it was voted the Historic Hotel of the Year. The same year, the hotel received the label "Romantik Hotel," so if you are coming here with your significant other, this is definitely a place you should check out.

On the other hand, if science covers the most of your interest, you will be glad to know that Saint Luc has an ultra-modern François-Xavier Bagnoud astronomical observatory. Its 60 cm telescope will bring the stars closer to you. If you prefer to combine stargazing with a good hike, Planet Trail which climbs to 2513 m is the right choice for you.

Traveling to St. Luc with your children shouldn’t worry you, as they will have plenty of fun here. During the summer season, the village is organizing children’s entertainment program based on one of the Heidi stories.

Are you really still thinking about whether you should visit this magical place? Pack your bags and come here! If you want to take a closer look at the village before visiting you can do it in our latest YouTube video and Instagram page. Don’t forget to give us a big thumbs up and subscribe for more amazing stories from all around the world.

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