Flying on a PRIVATE JET! ✈️ 😲 to Burgenstock SWITZERLAND🇨🇭 No Drama

Join us as we visit Burgenstock — a Swiss paradise with breathtaking mountain landscapes and a jaw-dropping panoramic view of Lake Lucerne. In case you just watched the Swiss Tourism video with Roger Federer, we’re sorry Robert De Niro, but there is no drama here!

During our last morning on the Sky Princess cruise ship, we were extremely excited to embark on our next journey. It was going to be something we had never done before — flying a private jet!

Yes, you read that well! Pepe and the five of us were taking a private jet to Zurich, Switzerland, as far-fetched as it may sound.

For starters, we received proper VIP treatment at the VIP lounge, and once we were all checked in, it was time to board the plane.

Flying on a private jet is a next-level experience, and the food wasn’t falling much behind. Imagine having a glass of wine up in the clouds above the Swiss Alps. What an experience!

We landed in the Business Jet area at the Zurich Airport, where a nice van was already waiting to take us to none other than the famous Burgenstock resort. The snow was a bonus adding to the already fantastic Christmas atmosphere. Roger Federer and Robert De Niro were nowhere in sight 🙂

After checking in, Julia was very excited to show you around the girls’ room. Needless to say, it was more than impressive. It featured a king-size bed for her and Angelique and another one for Chloe with a breathtaking window view. It also had a huge tub overlooking the mountain and a private bar!

But staying in your room doesn’t add to the Burgenstock experience, so we were off to the spa. Now, that was a treat for both body and soul.

Up next, dinner time! They took us on a culinary journey through the Far East, and the theme of the night was “Spices”. Even the fortune cookies were fancy.

Day two started with a nice cup of coffee that Chantal enjoyed together with the beautiful view of Lake Lucerne.

For breakfast, we treated our pallets to a wide variety of foods from one of the best breakfast buffets in the world.

Next on the agenda was a private pastry and Chef’s tour. It allowed us to peek behind the scenes at the Burgenstock hotel. We learned about the kitchen staff hierarchy, where the food is stored, and how it’s prepared.

We even visited the flower and decoration department where they were getting ready for Christmas and had a short trip down memory lane in the Ritz Escoffier restaurant.

From there, we took a look at the infinity pool, the fully equipped gym, and the amazing outdoors.

Our next stop was the Burgenstock history museum which showed us what it was like back in the day.

Then it was time for some physical activity, so we ended up at the indoor tennis court. Tired from all that ‘exercise’, we rushed to the infinity pool to catch the amazing sunset and relax.

Finally, we crowned the day with some amazing Swiss fondue for dinner.

The next morning, we literally had breakfast in the clouds, surrounded by the fog outside. After that, we bid adieu and hopped on a funicular that took us down from the Burgenstock to the lake below. Here, we caught a boat to Lucerne concluding our most epic arrival home yet.

00:00 Intro
01:21 Chloe’s Favourite Things on the Sky Princess
01:38 Next Stop — Switzerland
02:04 Barcelona Airport VIP Lounge
03:00 We’re Flying on a Private Jet!
05:01 Boarding a Private Jet and Plane Tour
05:23 Dining on a Private Jet
07:09 Flying Above the Swiss Alps
07:47 Zurich Airport VIP Terminal
08:12 On the Way to the Burgenstock
08:35 Let it Snow, Let it Snow
09:01 Burgenstock Room Tour
09:54 Burgenstock Alpine Spa & Infinity Pool
10:55 Burgenstock Spices Restaurant
13:22 Coffee with a Breathtaking View
14:32 5 Star Burgenstock Breakfast
15:38 Behind The Scenes Pastry and Chef Tour
25:00 Let’s Play Tennis Like Roger Federer
26:31 Back at the Alpine Spa
28:00 Swiss Fondue
29:25 Breakfast in the Clouds
29:46 Bye Bye Burgenstock

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