Evolene Switzerland – Beautiful Mountain Village in the Swiss Alps

Join us today as we visit Evolene - one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland!

The picturesque natural setting, untouched glaciers, as well as the majestic mountains, left us in awe. Along the drive, we discovered the pyramids of Switzerland - that they are much more beautiful, ancient, and made by mother nature herself!

The name Evolene means "easy water", and comes from the river flowing through the village. In fact, Evolene refers both to the municipality, its main village and to the stream of temperate water.

We stayed at an amazing wooden Swiss hotel called Hotel Hermitage overlooking the river and a gorgeous view of the mountains. This cute and quaint village is home to the characteristic wooden houses and numerous shops and restaurants.

We were also lucky to find ourselves at Evolene right during an international dance festival. The event is called CIME, and is held every two years where dancers from all over the world perform! You can learn more about the festival here: https://www.cime-evolene.ch/festival/

More about the Val d'Hérens: http://www.evolene-region.ch/

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