Annecy – Pearl of French Alps

It is really difficult to describe this village with only one word. I want to say that it is the cutest small village I've ever seen because I can’t stop thinking about how picturesque and colorful it is. But, I also want to say that it is fun and suitable for sports activities, adventurous, vivid and wild; full of active and energetic people.
And then, the old castles are the symbol of Annecy, the long history and the medieval streets are what people would associate this little town with. I don’t know. It is difficult for me to focus on just one aspect of the town.
When we arrived here, I felt like my energy level suddenly tripled. I don’t know what is it with this place. The atmosphere just changes your mood and you feel excited, bubbly and full of life. People are open and friendly; their positivity affects you. You get seduced by this place so much that you can’t help but think about moving here for good. You are not serious about it, but you have to fantasize, at least for a minute.
So, let’s talk about all of the aspects of the city, one by one.

Annecy – Pearl of French Alps

From the geographical perspective, Annecy has everything you could imagine. It is located in the northeastern France, 45 minutes from Zurich, Mountain Blanc is nearby, Geneva airport 40 minutes away and Italy only 90 minutes far. It has got lake Annecy, two canals, the Thiou river and the Alps as a backdrop.
It is convenient to arrive by bus, train, boat, and as I just mentioned, the airport is nearby as well.
Annecy is known to be spectacularly picturesque. It has many colorful, medieval buildings, small coffee shops in narrow alleyways, canals that are flower-lined, old castles, small stone bridges, with the views of the lake and the mountains. Everywhere you turn, you feel like taking a picture. It is a platform for taking a beautiful shot. A heaven for photographers.
The flowers and greenery strung all along the waterfront are the important contributors to its beauty. Annecy is the ninth most-flowered French city, and it has been given a "Golden Flower" award in 2015. The municipal environmental policy managed to keep around 40% of green spaces, so the mixture of beautiful architecture, preserved nature, and friendly, energetic people are what makes this place a combo for tourists.
In our tour, we started walking from the bridge close to the lake and then went through the old town where river Thiou flows. Then we went to the famous Castle Palais de l’Isle. There are many restaurants, coffee shops, and beautiful buildings to see. I recommend exploring all that by foot or by a bicycle.

Venice of France

Annecy has many nicknames and that’s just one more proof that it is difficult to describe it with one word or to think about it one-dimensionally. One of the many nicknames is the “Venice of France” which was given to it for its beautiful azure-colored canals and the gondolas.
This place is perfect for a romantic getaway. There’s even a bridge for which the legend says if two lovers kiss on it, they will stay together forever.
The old city is built around the 14th Century Chateau named Palais de l’Isle, the most picturesque building of the town. What makes this Chateau unique is that it’s placed in the middle of the canal which flows through the town’s center.
Palais de l’Isle has been a lordly residence, a courthouse, a mint and a prison over the past centuries, and today it is a landmark attracting thousands of tourists with its medieval beauty. It is turned into an art and history museum where you can see many local exhibits.
But, my favorite place is definitely the lake. When we went there, we immediately sat on a pedal boat and rode for hours. That’s just how you feel in Annecy, you want to spontaneously keep doing activities all day. In summer you can go swimming, cycle, rollerblade, relax on the beach, and then in winter, you have skiing and many other winter sports to enjoy.

One of the Cutest Places in Europe

If I ever lived in France, I would live in this beautiful town with no second thoughts! It has got everything: a unique energy, mesmerizing views, friendly people, a lot to do in summer, a lot to do in winter and it is one hour away from Italy and Switzerland. The image of us living here seems almost like a little fairytale, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw a Disney princes walk by.
So, if you want to experience a piece of this fairyland called Annecy, come visit or watch our YouTube video to join us on our own little tour before you book your flights to Geneva. And don’t forget to let us know which aspect of Annecy do you like the most!

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