A Day In Gibraltar 🇬🇧 Discovering the Mediterranean with Princess Cruises🛳

Join us as we take you on a quick tour through Gibraltar, a.k.a the “Key to the Mediterranean”.

Centuries of history and vast cultural diversity shaped this British overseas territory into a must-visit tourist destination. As the home of the European Pillar of Hercules (the Rock of Gibraltar), this place offers breathtaking views of two continents, Europe and Africa.

The UK influence became evident as soon as we got off the Sky Princess. Even the girls started sounding very British all of a sudden 🙂

For such a small place, Gibraltar offers many interesting sights. From the famous red phone booths and police officers with distinctive tophats to mega yacht hotels and Mediterranean-style cafés - Gibraltar has a peculiar mixture of Spanish vibrance and British tradition.

Shortly after disembarking the ship we were welcomed by the Grand Casemates Gates that led us into the main Gibraltar square.

After a short walk through the busy streets of Gibraltar, we decided to visit the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. Since we failed to find any public transport, we continued walking all the way to the top and we didn’t regret it because the road offered spectacular waterfront views. Thanks to the nice sunny weather, we were even able to see the mountains of Morocco on the coast of Africa.

As soon as we reached the top, we saw the Pillar of Hercules - a landmark paying tribute to Gibraltar as an important financial and trading point.

While deciding on what to see next, Pepe had a great idea to do a little prank on the tourist busses arriving at the viewpoint for pictures. It was even more fun because we convinced other tourists to join in on it with us.

Our next stop was the Apes den. The Upper Rock Nature Reserve is home to the famous Barbary macaque apes - the only wild monkeys in Europe. The last time we were here, there were many more of them around. Luckily, we still got the chance to take great close-up shots of these funny little creatures.

On our way down, we took a different route that led us back to the main square and cruise ship quite fast.

Back on board, we sat down for dinner at a restaurant that offered amazing Sunset views.
Then the girls discovered a secret elevator that took us up and down for about 20 minutes before we finally got to the 18th floor.

Later in the evening, we spent time relaxing in the hot tub, sipping on some nice drinks as the Sun slowly set down in the West.

This evening was made extra special by the ship horns playing a short melody announcing that we were about to set sail.

And if that wasn’t magical enough, we went to see a magician perform some entertaining tricks and illusions.

After all that relaxing time, we needed music to get us in our usual rhythm and the amazing Phillip Browne delivered another perfect performance.

Talking about ending the night on a high note, we decided to treat ourselves to some delicious desserts and some more dancing!

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