SKY PRINCESS Ultimate LUXURY Cruise Ship – Full Tour & Review

Join us as we take you on a full tour of the magnificent Sky Princess Cruise Ship - our home on the water for seven days around the Mediterranean.

As we were finishing our trip around the Balkan countries, we received a surprise call from our friend Pepe offering to take us on a brand new cruise ship from Rome to Gibraltar - all expenses paid!

We didn’t hesitate for a second and quickly wrapped up our tour. Our excitement was through the roof as we had not been on a cruise since the girls were very young.

Once everyone checked in, we were on our way to our staterooms. The ship is massive, and despite all the directions on every corner, it’s fairly hard to find your way around right off the bat.
We were lucky to get connecting rooms on the 15th floor that featured comfortable beds, a full bathroom, lots of space and a breathtaking view. The staff even made the effort to decorate the rooms for our birthday girls.

But the surprises didn’t stop there - another one was waiting for Chantal in the room. She received fresh flowers, a manicure at the spa and a coffee card from Pepe.

After getting settled, we decided to grab some lunch. The great food choice plus the amazing views we enjoyed while eating, made us feel like we were in heaven.

Right after lunch, Chantal signed up for her Girls Pampering Party at the Spa that featured all the latest treatments and modern facilities.

Then we quickly hopped to the Gelateria - one of the busiest parts on the ship - where we sat down for delicious ice cream.

Next, we checked out the Fitness center and we were off to find the kids and teenagers areas on the ship. We were cruising off-season, so only 11 other children and our girls got all that space for themselves to enjoy.

Our next stop was the Princess Theatre, the biggest entertainment area on the Sky Princess with live shows and performances every night.

On our way to the staterooms, we experienced the funniest elevator ride ever with so many people coming in and out on every floor just to be called out again for an emergency safety drill before it was time for sail-off.

With the cruise on route and evening approaching, we fancied up for Chantal and Julia’s birthday dinner. In the setting of a luxurious wine cellar, we enjoyed a delicious meal alongside some fine wine and pleasant piano music.

Dancing the night away, we made one last stop at the casino and we were off to dreamland.

Stay tuned as the Sky Princess takes us to our next stop - the beautiful port of Genoa Italy.

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