Ready to CRUISE AGAIN? 🛳 Cruise Ship Secrets REVEALED 🙊 for Best Cruise Ever!

Join Chantal and Cruise Ship Director, Alexander Yepremian for some Cruising 101 as they discuss what it’s like to be responsible for passenger activities and entertainment on a ship with over 6000 people aboard.

Alexander Yepremian might not be the most famous Armenian in the world, but he is definitely one of the top sought-after directors in the entire cruise industry with over 10 years of experience under his belt.

When it comes to traveling and exploring the world, he says cruising is one of the most fun yet safest ways to do it. It gives you the chance to discover plenty of picturesque corners of the world without having to worry about accommodation, food, and entertainment.

Alex also has a few pieces of advice to share with all the inexperienced cruisers out there:

The #1 thing to do is to do your research before booking a trip. With so many lines and tours to choose from, you have to take your own expectations into consideration. There is a chance some aspect of the tour like the food, accommodations, or the passengers’ age group won’t be to your liking. You don’t want to just luck out on a cruise. 

The next thing is to take full advantage of what the cruise has to offer. Look at all the shows, restaurants, and amenities aboard your cruise ship and choose the best ones for you. Many cruise lines even offer ‘behind the scenes’ tours that give guests access to the bridge and other staff-only areas of the ship.

Alexander also suggested that you go through the list of ports you are going to stop at and figure out what places you would want to visit and whether there’s an on-shore tour you’d want to sign up for.

Talking about ports, Talin in Estonia and Kotor in Montenegro would make his top 2 destinations to visit while on a cruise.

However, if you are a first-time cruiser, Alexander recommended doing a tour of the Caribbean, and even a cruise around his favorite location -  Alaska.

The last tip he shared was to ‘go with the flow’. Love the fact that you are there and try to turn your cruise into a relaxing and enjoyable, but also an eventful experience.

When it comes to age, he believes it is just a number and as demanding as his job as a Cruise Ship Director gets, he loves every aspect of it. 

Now, for all of you who want to know what life aboard looks like for the staff, Alexander also shared details about how staff spends their free time and their accommodation and entertainment facilities that occupy the lower decks of the ship.

To wrap it up on a fun note, our cruise director shared some less famous fun facts about cruise ships. Believe it or not, cruise ships have morgues, because, unfortunately, occasional deaths do happen aboard and some of them still have a “brig”, where people are detained on rare occasions. 

Last but not least, Alexander invited us to attend one of the best shows he had seen in 10 years of working on cruise ships called Rock Opera featuring Brian Justin Crum from America’s Got Talent.

Enjoy the Interview! 




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