Ljubljana Slovenia – GREAT FOOD Amazing Sights – You may never want to leave!

Join us as we visit Ljubljana - the capital of Slovenia and a charming city full of artists, museums, galleries and green spaces.

During our visit we stayed in the heart of the city center at Ljubljana Center Apartments. It was the perfect location - just steps away from the Ljubljanica River and surrounded by restaurants, shops and more.

There are many bridges crossing the river including the famous Triple Bridge which connects Ljubljana's historical, medieval, town on one bank, and the modern city of Ljubljana on the other. From north to south other bridges include the Dragon Bridge, the Butchers' Bridge, the Fish Footbridge, the Cobblers' Bridge and the Hradecky Bridge.

Beside the Ljubljana Central Market and Town Hall, there is the Ljubljana Cathedral which is also known as the St. Nicholas's Cathedral. It is easily identifiable due to its green dome and twin towers.

The Ljubljana Castle is located on the summit of Castle Hill which dominates the city center. It has Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance architectural elements. You can ride up on a funicular, spend hours exploring and even do an "escape the castle" adventure game as we did.

The food scene in Ljubljana is amazing! There are so many restaurants, cafes, and bars all throughout the city offering some of the most delicious options we have found in Europe!

We had a great time here and highly recommend a visit to this beautiful city.

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