Kotor Montenegro is BREATHTAKING!

Join us as we visit Kotor - a coastal town in Montenegro nestled in the deepest natural fjord of the Mediterranean Sea!

Kotor is home to a picturesque untouched Old Town with fortified walls. Squeezed between the sea and the mountain, it is one of a very few Medieval towns untouched by wars. Kotor is also home to the Stari Grad - one of the best preserved medieval towns on the Mediterannean, making it a UNESCO Heritage Site.

The spectacular Old Town is a dream come true for history buffs with its old houses, narrow streets, small squares and yards, Catholic and Orthodox churches dating back to 9th Centuries, lapidarium, town hall clock, and more!

In Kotor we noticed an interesting thing: there are many cats sitting in front of the shops and basically roaming around everywhere. For this reason it is known as the City of The Cats. They even have a museum of cats!

Kotor’s city walls, which stretch for 3 miles (4.5 km) directly above the city, are also a major attraction for tourists. For an awe-inspiring view of The Old Town and The Boka Bay, you can climb along the city walls up to the castle on the top! The streets here are almost the same as the streets of Dubrovnik.

During our stay we visited a village called Sutomore, with a beautiful beach area, and  discovered Bar, a Venetian fortified town built in the 16th century. The stonework and buildings were absolutely beautiful.

We also to drove up to up to a city on the mountain called Cetinje. Here we saw a statue of lord Ivan who was the ruler of Montenegro back in 1400 when this was the capital of the country.

Overall we had an amazing time in Montenegro. It is definitely a place we look forward to visiting again!

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