Grodno Belarus Travel Guide – City Highlights & How To Enter Visa Free

Today we decided to explore the city sitting on the final frontier between the current European Union and what was once the former Soviet Union. Grodno is a city in the far west of the country, just 12 miles from Poland. Some also call Hrodna and it is a hidden pearl in Belarus. Most tourists visiting Belarus stick to Minsk and the country’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites at Nesvizh and Mir but if you ever have a chance to visit we would definitely recommend visiting Grodno as well.

One of the reasons is for sure the Jesuit Cathedral. This amazing church is situated in front of the Soviet Square with its verdant green and white architecture gazes down upon everything around it. The interior is even more stunning. This church is the city’s main cathedral and dates back to 1678. A few hundred years on, it still acts as a central monument in the city and is popular for all visitors. It is known as the St Francis Xavier Cathedral and regular services are held.

Another reason why we loved Grodno were the leafy parks. The Zhilibera park is the most central and it features an important Soviet War memorial. It’s also the venue for many fun fairs and markets. It is located just right by the river and it has quite a few cafes and cosy bars with beer gardens.

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