GENOA Italy ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Sky Princess Day Trip – Best Mediterranean CRUISE !!!

Join us as we explore the beautiful city of Genoa Italy - the first stop on our cruise around the Mediterranean.

Our day started with the most delicious breakfast on board the Sky Princess. Since cruises usually host people from different parts of the world, the food and drinks selection was beyond amazing.

As soon as we got off the cruise, we were impressed by the beauty of the Genoese architecture. This is definitely a city that knows how to make a great first impression.

Our first stop was the Genoa port where we found a cool spherical greenhouse and the Paleo Aquarium. Chantal also heard a local cafรฉ calling her name - pun intended.

But that was just the start โ€“ the port was hiding another โ€˜Only in Italyโ€™ sight - a Lamborghini police car. Can you imagine being chased on the highway by a police Lambo? Italians, for sure, take pride in one of the fastest cars in the world.

Impressed by modern technology, we decided to do a little bit of exploring around the narrow streets of Old Town Genoa. As we were discovering the colorful alleyways and hidden artwork stores, everything exuded whimsical charm and captivating history.

Next, we got the chance to visit the memorial site of none other than the legendary Christopher Columbus who was born and raised in Genoa.

After a nice walk around Old Town Genoa and the main city square, we decided to head back to the Sky Princess for onboard lunch and some delicious desserts. This Cruise ship is so massive that every time we made a move, we discovered a different venue like the cozy โ€˜Take Fiveโ€™ lounge bar.

In the afternoon, Chantal enjoyed her birthday gift and got pampered with a Fire & Ice manicure!

Soon it was already time for dinner, so just before we joined everybody at the dining area for some tasty Italian-style dishes, the girls posed for the funniest in-house photographer.

After the explosion of tastes and flavors at dinner, we felt like having a little bit of fun. The guys from the boy band Evolution did a great job keeping everyone entertained and in a great mood.

Just before we called it a night, the girls decided to check out the pool area just to see how cold it gets at night.

In just one day the Sky Princess offered us so much fun and joy.

Stay tuned for more of the good vibes as we continue west to Toulon France!

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