Estepona Spain – The Garden City of Costa Del Sol

Join us for a walk through the beautiful streets of Estepona Spain.

With 21 km of coastline, this town is famous for its beautiful beaches which makes it an ideal holiday resort. Street cafes, tapas bars that serve traditional Spanish delicacies and colorful flower pots all around Estepona’s streets will win you over.

Take a stroll to the Old Town to visit The San Luis castle (Castillo de San Luis). It dates back to the 15th century when Queen Isabella I ordered its building to protect the town from the Moorish invaders. You will notice that each street here has its own color scheme. The locals take great pride in their charming traffic-free Old Town.

Here’s another interesting fact for you: back in the 1990s, the Walt Disney Company selected Estepona to be the original site for its Eurodisney project. However, Paris, France was later awarded the installation.

Enjoy the video and let us know where you're watching from!!! (we’d love to know!)




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