Cruising The Mediterranean with PRINCESS CRUISES – Typical Day At Sea

Join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the epic Sky Princess Cruise Ship! During our week-long Mediterranean Cruise, we spent two days at sea, following the route from Toulon to Gibraltar and Gibraltar to Barcelona.

We kicked it off with some Zumba classes that Julia and Chantal joined. It was really fun to see them dance on the center stage while everyone was watching 🙂

For those who didn’t find dancing an enjoyable form of exercise, the Sky Princess also featured a fully equipped gym with an amazing view of the sea. It felt like running on water!

Needless to say, the cruise ship offered 24/7 entertainment. There was something for everyone.

To add to it all, the food choice was beyond incredible. One of our favorite restaurants aboard the Sky Princess was Alfredo’s, which served some of the most delicious pizzas.

When we were not enjoying an organized activity, we had lots of fun of our own. We loved playing card games and learning new magic tricks. Another cool thing we did was watching a movie on the top deck. Fresh air, an amazing view, full service, and a blockbuster hit. What more could we ask for?

As there were not many kids on the Sky Princess, it didn’t take long before the girls started making new friends. The crew was also small and friendly and we got to meet almost everyone.

During the afternoon, we took part in a Trivia game and signed Pepe up for a dance-off. He was amazing! Next in line was the don’t say “Yes or No” question game where Pepe striked again.

But let’s go back to all the amazing food they offered on the Sky Princess. You name it, they had it. The choice was mind-blowing.

Day 2 at sea started with a super delicious breakfast and then it was relaxation time at the Lotus Spa and Julia got a stylish haircut. Then Chantal gave us an insight into the “Sanctuary”- a part of the ship with ‘adults only’ access.

In the meantime, Chloe made friends with Isabela, who quickly became a part of our group. After a final visit to Alfredo's pizzeria, we were ready to hit the dance floor once more. Then we glammed up for “Rock Opera” - an amazing music performance show that featured songs from “The Greatest Showman”.

But we can never have enough of music and dancing, so we grabbed the mic and became the stars of the Karaoke night.

Our final stop was Barcelona where we embarked on our next journey and did something we had never done before. Talk about feeling excited!

Thanks @pepe.g6 for such an amazing cruise!

Stay tuned for our next adventures.

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