Sarajevo Bosnia – Top Things To See & Do in the Jerusalem of Europe

Join us as we visit Sarajevo - the capital and cultural center of Bosnia and Herzegovina with a rich history and beautiful landscapes.

Lying along the Miljacka River and surrounded by the Dinaric Alps, Sarajevo is known as the “Jerusalem of Europe” for its religious diversity. This scenic city has a long and rich history of religious and cultural diversity with Muslims, Orthodox Christians, Catholics and Jews coexisting peacefully for centuries.

We really enjoyed exploring the Old Town (Baščaršija) with its cobbled streets, mosques, iconic fountain, and Oriental style shops. It will take you back to the Ottoman times in the 15th century and you could easily mistake it for Istanbul! The legends said that if you drink water from their fountain, you will come back again to Sarajevo! So, we drank the water and hope to return one day soon 🙂

For Lunch, we enjoyed a meal at the restaurant called Brasserie August Braun. It was named after the Austrian emperor August Braun who visited here in 1800 and built a palace for his wife Maria. The neighbourhood is still called Marijin Dvor.

Sarajevo is a beautiful city with lots of indoor and outdoor activities. Featuring a friendly and multicultural atmosphere, Sarajevo also played an important part in world history.

We visited an iconic Latin Bridge where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, triggering the first World War. The city also has multiple museums dedicated to the war and history of the nation.

Outside the city, Sarajevo has many outdoor attractions, including the Trebević mountain, hiking trails along the surrounding hills with spectacular view of the city, footpaths through the peaceful Vrelo Bosne park, multiple ski resorts, and more!

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