Brussels Belgium – Beer, Waffles & Chocolate in the Capital of the EU

Welcome to Brussels Belgium!

Brussels has been the political capital of the European Union since the end of World War 2. At the same time it is also the capital of Belgium. Brussels is home to 40,000 EU employees, 4,000 NATO employees and a host to over 300 permanent representations: lobby groups, embassies and press corporations with 27% of its residents not being Belgium citizens.

With so many institutions it comes as no wonder that the biggest court in the world can be found in Brussels. Standing at 26.000 square metres, the justice palace in Brussels is the largest court in the world.

Belgium is a kingdom with the Royal Palace still functioning as the residence of Belgium’s Royal Family. Although the palace was initially a summer residence in the 18th century later it became a Royal Residence when the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte decided to turn it into a home.

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