Rio Dulce Guatemala | Jewel of the Guatemalan Caribbean

Welcome to the wonderful Rio Dulce, an extraordinary river in Guatemala!

Did you know that the movie “The New Adventures of Tarzan” was entirely filmed here in 1935? The beautiful rainforest you see in the movie is hidden in Guatemala and still well-preserved. To get a good shot of the forest they had to use some locations using the railroad service in Guatemala.

It is a spectacular place rich with flora and fauna, great views, folklore, beaches, and traditional locals. Being so breath-taking, many people call it the jewel of the Guatemalan Caribbean. A great place where you can spend the most peaceful time with the family.

Being a part of a lake and river system known as the department of Izabal, it is a great sailboat cruising destination. Rio Dulce flows out of the Lake Izabal and is soon spanned by one of the biggest bridges in Central America.

On one side of the bridge is the town El Relleno and a nearby orphanage Casa Guatemala that provides children with education and nourishment. On the other side is the town of Fronteras. It is considered to be the center of Rio Dulce, sometimes called by the same name, and many people arrive by canoes to visit the town because it contains a local vegetable market.

Enjoy the video and be sure to let us know where you’re watching from!




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