Ometepe Nicaragua – One Island, Two Volcanoes!

The name Ometepe actually means “two mountains” because it consists of two volcanoes connected by a low isthmus. It is a true gift from nature and one of the most beautiful places in Nicaragua.

The volcanes are named Volcan Concepción and Volcan Maderas and they may be referred to as 'fire' and 'water' since they are completely opposite from each other.

The symmetrical one, Volcan Concepción, placed in the north-western part of the island is actually still active and lava-stained. The volcanic ash gives this island extreme fertility, so many locals live out of agriculture.

The second one, Volcan Maderas, is completely different: placid, full of greenery, nature, rain forest, wild life, and a beautiful waterfall. It’s covered with coffee and tobacco plantations on each side. With its peak of 1,394 m it is visible from all over the island.

Between the volcanoes, there is a hidden treasure named Ojo de Agua, a natural spring azure-colored pool. It has crystal clear water and it is surrounded by trees and wild life - birds, butterflies, squirrels, iguanas. It offers cocktails and food and you can just relax and enjoy the view listening to the sounds of nature.

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