Leon Nicaragua Travel Guide – The City of Revolution

During our trip to Nicaragua, also known as the ‘land of lakes and volcanoes’, we visited León, San Juan del Sur’s artsy, calmer, and slightly more sophisticated older cousin. It is the second largest city in Nicaragua located along the Chiquito River. It’s full of street-art, rich history, friendly locals and delicious food. In the evening, there are a lot of fun salsa parties.

Walking around León, it feels like being in an open museum of history because the locals had a tough past fighting against dictatorship for decades and you can still see the marks everywhere. In 1990, Leon was the first city to become independent and the party that consisted of radical poets, students, and farmers which started the revolution was formed here, so the locals are very proud of that.

We would suggest visiting Museo Histórico de la Revolución where you can get more formal education about it, but for an informal one, you can actually read the history on the streets. There are graffiti and colorful murals, and even bullets holes left untouched to serve as a reminder of their rebellion.

If you ever visit León, a great place to stay is the Harvest House. It offers a mixture of local colonial and modern features, the hosts are very professional and polite and it’s safe. It is also quiet and a great break from the busy streets, but really close to the center of the city, so everything is at a walking distance.

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