Don’t let stereoptypes dissuade you from traveling with kids



This planet is full of lovely views, creative and helpful people and interesting cultures. But there are also a lot of stereotypes about many countries and especially traveling to certain countries. The problem is that these are usually based on exaggerated media images and concepts åand impressions that we learned growing up.


Something might have happened in some country somewhere on this planet when you were in 2nd grade. And the images of it might have stuck with you till now. But the thing is times change and countries change. And wandering around this globe with an open mind, doing proper research and going out of your comfort zone is extremely important to overcome these preconceptions which hold you back from experiencing new things.


Spain’s proximity to Morocco enabled us to take multiple trips to this country on a different continent across the Mediterranean Sea when we were living in southern Spain. But the first time we embarked on the boat we had some doubts in our minds. The reason is that growing up halfway across the globe we’d been taught that faraway countries like Morocco are a dangerous place. We’d even been warned about it when deciding on visiting this country.


But the thing is, once we stopped thinking about these things, did research on where to go and about the customs of the country and actually took the trip, we found a completely different reality. It is an amazing country, full of culture, history and warm-hearted people. We loved it so much we did several day trips to Tangiers after that first long trip.


The usual precautions have to be taken anywhere and bad things can unfortunately happen anywhere. But this is regardless of whether you’re in Casablanca, Barcelona or a small town in Ontario.


What is important is that we embrace this lovely planet we occupy, take care of it and explore it with an open mind. Going out and about will definitely open up a new world to you and going out of your comfort zone will make you happier and full of new experience. Do research and don’t let hearsay turn you away from visiting a place.


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