WHY VISIT PESHAWAR PAKISTAN?🇵🇰❤️ Minutes from Afghanistan Mesmerizing Place

Hi, guys! In this video, we are taking you to Peshawar, one of the largest cities in Pakistan. 


Located only 30 minutes from the border with Afghanistan, Peshawar gave us a slightly different perspective of this Islamic country than its capital.


Checking Into Our Accommodation in Peshawar, Pakistan

After 2.5 hours of driving from Islamabad, we were ready to check into our stay in Peshawar and freshen up before we started exploring the city. 


With the help of our fantastic driver, Adnan, we found a nice, spacious place to stay overnight, which was also close to his parents' house. We were also introduced to his good friend Noor, who joined us for the day with a second vehicle for more space and comfort.


Trying Local Peshawar Food in Pakistan

We were not quite hungry yet, so we ordered the food we wanted to have later and hit the road. 


The first stop was the area around the Khyber Pass Gate, where we met the famous Pakistani singer Zeek Afridi and even filmed a little interview together.


In the meantime, our food was ready, so we headed toward the local restaurant, where we tried several local dishes and very delicious barbecue meat.


Peshawar University of Agriculture

Our next stop was the Peshawar University of Agriculture, where we enjoyed a stroll through its gorgeous gardens and checked out the classrooms. Founded in 1950, the University of Peshawar is one of the oldest universities in Pakistan and is widely regarded as the best in the country.


Shopping at the Peshawar Open Market

In the evening, we decided to visit the local open markets. Angelique needed a new suitcase so that was first on our list, and with Adnan’s help, we found a very affordable one. 


We would like to give our massive thanks to Adnan, who transformed our trip to Pakistan. We made a friend for life there, and we’ll never forget his kindness.


Stay tuned for our next adventure, and don’t forget to hit that bell button to never miss an update from Growing Up Without Borders!


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