WELCOME TO INDIA! 🇮🇳 First Day in Kochi Kerala Trying Authentic Indian Food

Join us as we try authentic Indian food in India for the first time in our lives!

India has always been in our Top 3 bucket-list countries, so being here was incredibly exciting for all of us!

After staying at a Home Exchange for one night, we headed towards downtown Kochi and checked into a hotel.

If you’ve been following us, you probably know how much we love trying new foods, so the hotel’s buffet for our first meal was out of the question!

Indian Street Food Galore - What Do We Choose?

With Indian cuisine being one of our favorites ever, we decided to get out in the streets and go straight to “the source” for a delicious meal.

Don’t get me started on the cultural shock we’d been going through in the meantime. Even the simplest thing, like crossing the street, was such a different experience for us. (If you think you’ve seen traffic, trust me, you haven’t!)

We went straight for the food stalls, but choosing what to eat was not as easy as we thought it would be. 

There were so many options and names we had no idea what they stood for. Finally, we agreed on the local Marhaba Food Court, and since their menus weren’t that elaborate, we decided to have whatever they recommended. 

Despite Chloe’s efforts to divert us from poultry, it looks like we ordered everything chicken! And it didn’t disappoint! On the contrary, we loved everything they brought, and on top of it, we paid so little.

Kochi India Supermarket Grocery Shopping

After such a filling meal, we thought it would be great to just walk it off and do some grocery shopping at the local supermarket.

Again, the prices were incredibly low (not that we mind), leaving us wondering about the price gap with the Western world.

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Enjoy the video!

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