Sri Lanka FOOD HEAVEN!!!😋❤️ Kandy Sri Lanka Central Tea Plantation ☕️

Join us for a short trip to the beautiful village of Gammaduwa, nestled in the thick rainforest of Sri Lanka.

Even though Gammaduwa was only 55km from the city of Kandy, it took us over two hours to reach the village. But one thing's for sure! The bumpy ride was absolutely worth it!

We found the beautiful Gammaduwa Bungalow and Monkey Tail Tea Garden hidden up in the mountain at 931m above sea level and we totally fell in love.

Spacious, colorful, and full of life, the place was in perfect sync with nature and offered us peace, abundance, and calm.

We were welcomed with a traditional Soursop drink and cool face towels to freshen up after the long trip.

On our travels, we usually end up in highly-populated urban areas where we try to see and do as much as possible. The Gammaduwa bungalow offered a nice change of pace. It was the perfect spot to slow down and catch up on school and work while enjoying the breathtaking vistas.

This video also proves how big of foodies we all are! Dinner on our first night was unusual but super-tasty and we enjoyed it.

The following morning, breakfast didn’t fall behind either. We had plenty of fruit, buffalo curd, honey, potatoes, rice noodles, and much more.

After such a filling meal, it was time to transform that deliciousness into brainpower!

Even here, in the middle of the jungle, homeschooling never stopped and the girls were able to study and attend classes thanks to the high speed Internet.

Afterwards, we decided to go on a hike and check out the nearby trails with a detailed list of the unique animal and plant species we might encounter.

Among the first things we saw, was the “infamous” Jack fruit a.k.a Durian. The size and the overpowering pungent aroma that many can’t stand made Durian famous as the King of Fruits.

We also saw the naughty monkeys that swarmed the trees, but there was actually one thing that we got warned about and it was leeches. Apparently, they were everywhere so we had to be extra careful not to stray away from the path.

Trust me, easier said than done! Despite being very careful, we still faced some leech drama. Chloe got really stressed and upset about them, so we decided to turn around and head back.

For lunch, we had nice mushroom soup, but we were really looking forward to the daily tea time. It became our favorite part of the day.

Later in the evening, we had another finger-licking dinner with plenty of different dishes, mostly unknown to us and we enjoyed every bite of it.

The next morning it was time to visit the tea fields to learn more about how tea is made, and the owner Dave took the time to explain everything from picking tea leaves to preparation.

On the third and last day at the Gammaduwa bungalow, we had some more delicious food and another go at learning how to make tea - this time all by hand.

Being in the middle of nowhere far away from the concrete jungle felt good.

If you have any questions or travel suggestions, drop us a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

Here’s the link to Gammaduwa Bungalow

Also, here’s a link to the girls online school, Crimson Global Academy, https://www.crimsonglobalacademy.scho...

00:00 Driving to Gammaduwa from Kandy Sri Lanka
00:37 Sri Lanka Country Roads
2:43 Gammaduwa Bungalow - Tea Estate
03:28 Traditional Soursop Welcome Drink
03:58 Sri Lanka Plantation House Tour
05:02 We Are Taking It Slow
07:16 Sri Lankan Food is Delicious
09:06 Fresh and Healthy Breakfast in Sri Lanka
09:52 Homeschooling in the Jungle
10:41 Hiking in Sri Lanka
11:32 Camera-Shy Monkeys
11:59 Jack Fruit / Durian
13:34 Knuckles Mountain Range
14:48 Leeches Scared Chloe Away
17:48 Naughty Monkeys Everywhere
18:34 Mushroom Soup for Lunch
19:01 Tea Time in Sri Lanka
19:16 Foodies in Sri Lanka
21:30 Off to the Tea Fields in Sri Lanka
22:39 The Process of Making Tea
25:21 Food in Sri Lanka is Amazing
26:24 Last Breakfast at the Gammaduwa Bungalow
26:44 Learning to Make Tea by Hand
27:17 We had an Amazing Stay at Gammaduwa Bungalow

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