Growing Up Gangnam Style 🇰🇷❤️🕺 PSY Dancing in KPop Capital Seoul South Korea

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Hey guys, today we are taking you to Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea – the iconic home of the megahit 'Gangnam Style'! After getting the hang of Seoul's massive public transport system, we ventured to explore one of the city's most buzzing districts.


Discovering Gangnam K-Pop Area in Seoul

Gangnam greeted us with its vibrant K-pop culture. From stores to parks and even the library, K-pop's influence was everywhere. Surprisingly, the library was bustling with young readers, making it one of the liveliest libraries we've ever stepped into.


Ever wondered how Gangnam became the flashy district it is today? Julia’s got a short history lesson that’ll surely catch you off guard!


Night Clubs & Plastic Surgery in Korea?

As expected, Gangnam, a playground for the rich and famous, was lined with high-end restaurants, nightclubs, and, yes, even plastic surgery clinics. It's fascinating to see how cosmetic procedures are so normalized here.


After a long walk, our cravings led us to pizza – a delicious deviation from traditional Korean BBQ. Sometimes, you just need a taste of fast food to hit the spot, right?


Off to Mongolia

Our adventure in Korea is winding down, but the excitement isn't over yet. Stay tuned because next, we're taking you to one of the coldest places we've ever been – Mongolia!


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Enjoy the video!!


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