Hey Guys, today we are taking you on a delightful adventure in Seoul, South Korea! Navigating this massive city's public transport was a challenge but also an adventure in itself. From learning to top up our metro cards to handling the bustling crowds, we experienced the seamless functioning of Seoul’s extensive transit system.


Welcome to Sunny’s Dining Studio

Our special day included a Korean dessert workshop at Sunny's Dining. The journey there was almost 2 hours, but it was worth every minute. In a cozy and welcoming environment, we discovered the art of making colorful Korean desserts from rice. It was not just a culinary experience; it was a dive into the heart of Korean culture.


Loving the Korean Cultural Experience

Speaking of culture, did you know that Koreans love their coffee? It was surprising to find out that coffee is preferred here, unlike in many other Asian countries. And oh, the love in the air in Seoul! We couldn't help but capture some adorable moments of Korean couples around the city.


National Museum of Korea

Although our schedule was tight, we managed a quick visit to the National Museum of Korea. We didn't get to tour the entire place, but we soaked in the atmosphere and snapped some photos to share with you.


To wrap up our day, we had a lovely dinner in Itaewon with a local couple, sharing food and stories and making new friends in this amazing city.


Join us in this video to experience Seoul's vibrant colors, flavors, and emotions. Don't forget to hit like, share, and subscribe for more of our family adventures with Growing Up Without Borders. We’d also love to hear about your favorite Korean dessert or a memorable cultural experience, so drop us a comment below!


Enjoy the video!


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