PONDICHERRY! INDIA’S FRENCH RIVIERA 🇮🇳 Croissants in Puducherry Tamil Nadu

Hi guys! Welcome to Pondicherry (Puducherry), a former French colonial settlement on the southeast coast of India! This is where its nickname, “The French Riviera of the East,” comes from.

We crossed into Pondicherry from Auroville to do some shopping and immediately noticed the difference between India’s experimental city of the future and the rest of the country. 

Shopping at the Pondicherry Market

Our first stop for the day was the Pondicherry town market. We were excited because it had been a while since we last saw a market like that. We decided to play a little game and see what we could get for ₹500 ($5 USD) each.

And it turned out we could get quite a few things. Chantal bought a light pair of pants, and Julia found a cute backpack. All in all, we were happy with our purchases that day!

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In search of a good cup of coffee and some food, we wound up in Pondicerry’s French District. Once we had replenished our energy levels away from the hot Indian sun, we were back on the street admiring Podicherry’s colonial architecture. 

Enjoying a Walk Along the Pondicherry Waterfront

Exploring the French Quarter, we ended up at the waterfront. The long, vehicle-free promenade opened up to beautiful ocean views, but we couldn’t understand why there were NO-SWIMMING signs all over the place.  

Obviously, we took a bunch of selfies and even got recognized by one nice guy whose brother lived in New Zealand. Small world!

Pondicherry Museum

Enjoying the stroll, we stopped along the way to visit the Pondicherry Museum. For less than $1 a person, we learned so much about this town’s history and enjoyed the lovely exhibits. 

On our way back, we saw something unusual - a NO-HORN sign. Imagine, quiet streets in India!

Plus, Julia learned how to use an old-style charcoal iron right in the streets of Pondicherry!

It was such an eventful day! Tired but happy, we returned to the tranquility of Auroville.

Enjoy the Video!

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