MUNNAR INDIA First Impressions! 🇮🇳💚 Is it worth the drive from Kochi?

Join us as we move from Kochi to Munnar, India! 

We considered several transportation options. The bus seemed too complicated, and it wouldn’t have been possible to make quick stops along the way, so we finally settled on an Uber ride. 

Luckily we got a 7-seater and a great driver who helped us pack the car and was willing to show us all the lookout points and interesting spots worth visiting along the way.

Waterfall, Spice Garden, and Chocolate Shop

Our first stop during the 4-hour ride was a beautiful waterfall that continued under the main road. Looking up or down, it was an equally incredible sight. 

Next on our way to Munnar was a spice garden whose incredible smells and aromas reminded us of the gardens in Sri Lanka.

As we continued our drive, we noticed a chocolate shop and stopped by to get some snacks for the road. The girls were more than happy!

Checking Into a Munnar Mountain Resort and Dinner

While in Munnar, we stayed at a Mountain Resort at over 2000m above sea level. After a quick check-in, we settled into our rooms and headed down for dinner. 

As you probably know, Indian is one of our favorite cuisines, so we truly enjoyed every authentic bite we had. To our surprise, the dishes we’ve tried before tasted a lot different here in Munnar, which only proved that each region had its own variation of the same foods with local herbs and spices, giving them a unique taste.

Hiking in the Misty Hills of Munnar

Waking up in Munnar painted a picture of a different India. It was a beautiful, calm morning without smog and city noises. The air was crisp and clean, and we were simply in awe. 

Being an early bird, Chantal started her morning with a hike up Munnar’s hillside gardens without even having her coffee. Shocking! 😱

After her return to the hotel, we all gathered for breakfast, but Chloe was missing continental food. Somehow we are not used to having curry in the morning.

Munnar’s Hillside Tea Plantations and Open Market

Munnar’s rolling hillsides are dotted with tea plantations, creating a unique scenery. Chantal decided to take another walk and capture this breathtaking beauty while the girls were taking exams. 

Later we jumped on a tuk-tuk and visited Munnar’s open market. We shopped around, took a bunch of selfies with the locals, and figured out how to get on a bus to take us back to our hotel.

We returned just in time to enjoy another delicious Indian dinner and called it a day!

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