MADURAI TAMIL NADU INDIA 🇮🇳 Amazing Food, Meenakshi Temple & Gandhi Museum

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We are still in India, exploring such a massive country. In this video, we are making a move from Munnar to Madurai - the city that never sleeps.

Off to Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India

Looking at the map, Madurai wasn’t that far away, but we still had to go over a huge mountain pass, so we were in for 4-5 hours of driving. 

Luckily, it was a scenic trip with breathtaking mountain slopes full of tea plantations, random waterfalls, and a few elephant crossings. We didn’t see any of the gentle giants, but we definitely ran into a lot of cows. 

Tucked away in the base of the mountain was a nice restaurant where our driver took us for lunch. However, we still had a good few hours in front of us, so we quickly got back on the road. 

Poppys Hotel Check-In and Incredible Welcome

Arriving in Madurai, everything felt different - the people, the sounds, the smells. Our home away from home for the next few days was the Poppys Hotel. The warm welcome we received once again proved how hospitable Indians are. We just loved all the smiles and genuine kindness.

We checked into a nice spacious double room with big beds and lots of space for us to work and the girls to do some school assignments.

After we freshened up a little bit, we went down to the restaurant for a small bite that turned into another feast. Even though we weren’t hungry at all, it was literally impossible to resist all those finger-licking Indian recipes!

Meenakshi Hindu Temple Madurai

Our first morning in Madurai started with yet another delicious breakfast that got us ready for a long day of exploration. 

The first stop was the epic, over 650 years old Meenakshi Hindu Temple. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to film inside (or enter the main Temple, for that matter), but it was still quite the experience. The Meenakshi temple is full of golden statues in honor of the Hindu gods, but it’s also a great place to learn about Hindu culture. Visitors can explore the temple grounds and take part in a number of rituals and festivals too. 

Word of warning, though - security at the temple is incredibly tight, so make sure you don’t carry anything of value because they will make you leave it in a locker outside the temple (including your phones). 

Madurai King’s Palace, a.k.a. Thirumalai Nayak Palace

Leaving the massive temple crowds behind, we drove to Madurai King’s Palace, a.k.a. Thirumalai Nayak Palace, which dates back to the 17th century. This is a massive architectural masterpiece, yet it’s 4 times smaller than the original palace complex. Incredible!

Gandhi Memorial Museum Madurai

Our last stop for the day was the Gandhi Museum in Madurai. We learned so much about the life and cause of this incredible human whom Indians proudly call the “Father of the nation.” His legacy lives through his deeds and sacrifice. The story this museum told moved us to the core. It’s absolutely worth visiting. 

Back at the Poppys Hotel, we decided to go for a much-needed refreshing pool dip because the weather was scorching hot. But it got us hungry, and it was time for another incredible Tamil-Nadu-style dinner.

How do you like our journey through India so far? 

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Enjoy the video!

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