KANDY SRI LANKA! Part 2🥰 SIGIRIYA & Sacred Tooth Temple Sri Lanka මහනුවර

Join us as we continue our adventure around Sri Lanka! 🇱🇰❤️

Two days in Kandy Sri Lanka was not enough to see everything the city had to offer, so we decided to move to the Ozo hotel and continue our exploration.

We checked into two comfy and nicely decorated rooms that offered a panoramic view of the area. There was also an amazing and very inviting rooftop pool which we used to unwind and relax. Here’s a link to learn more: https://growingupwithoutborders.com/Ozo

Within walking distance of the Ozo Hotel, we returned to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth. This holy place is one of the most important Buddhist worship places that attracts devotees and tourists from around the world.

Together with the Temple of the Sacred Tooth tickets came a complimentary visit to the Sri Dalada Museum. We went on a spiritual quest around the world and learned interesting facts about the way different countries practiced Buddhism.

The next morning, we headed for Sigiriya. This ancient rock fortress protrudes from the surrounding planes creating a one-of-a-kind sight. The incredible flora and fauna only added to the unique vibe the place was giving off.

Serene and calming, yet so vibrant and full of life!

Of course, we had to climb all the way up to the top, and the girls weren’t impressed. I mean, going up 1200 steep and narrow steps isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

But we were determined to conquer the Lion Rock despite the hot weather and all the monkeys trying to steal our food.

And it was absolutely worth it! The views from the top were beyond spectacular! We could see for miles and miles in the distance. Sigiriya was such a feast for the eyes!

Going up and down the Lion Rock should take you between 90 mins and 3 hours, depending on your fitness, age, and the number of visitors. The entrance costs $30 for adults and $15 for children. https://growingupwithoutborders.com/S...

Sigiriya is a UNESCO world heritage site and Sri Lanka’s most identifiable landmark!

We hope you enjoy the video and get a chance to personally experience this magnificent place.

Our next destination is a small town named Ella. If you are enjoying our Sri Lanka series, stay tuned for another exciting video, coming up soon!

0:00 Welcome to Sri Lanka!
0:26 Ozo Hotel in Kandy Sri Lanka
3:09 The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Kandy Sri Lanka
3:51 Sri Dalada Museum
4:35 Trying Pizza in Sri Lanka
5:10 Delicious Breakfast at the Ozo Hotel
5:34 On the Way to Sigiriya Sri Lanka
6:29 Sigiriya Tickets and Pricing
6:57 Map of Sigiriya
7:35 Incredible Flora and Fauna in Sri Lanka
8:59 Secret Compartment Box
9:58 How Many Stairs Have We Climbed?
13:36 Breathtaking Views from the Top of Sigiriya
17:21 How To Get To Ella Sri Lanka

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