ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN 🇵🇰 Market Impressions

Join us on an exciting stroll through the largest open-air markets in Islamabad, filled with colorful products and a lively atmosphere.


Our stay in Pakistan was fairly short, so we wanted to see as many things and places as possible to feel the pulse of Islamabad. 


They Have Everything in Pakistan Markets

Whenever we visit a new country, its open markets and shopping areas are some of our favorite things to see while exploring. 


Right at the entrance, we immediately noticed the hundreds of stalls offering everything from traditional crafts, including intricately designed carpets, embroidered textiles, and beautifully crafted pottery, to herbs, spices, and handmade pasta. 


We couldn’t resist the organic, juicy products, so we grabbed quite a few. Luckily, these young boys gave us a hand with their wheelbarrow. 


There were so many things in one place, and despite being relatively new, this market gave us an old vibe showcasing the craftsmanship heritage of Pakistan.


Many colorful fabrics, embroidered dresses, and traditional accessories were also available for all fashion enthusiasts. 


The friendly vendors, eager to share their stories and insights into the local culture, only made our visit more special, but of course, the best one was our bodyguard, whom we found on Uber. Lol


Meet Adnan, Our Driver/Bodyguard in Pakistan

All jokes aside, Adnan was a godsend! He used to live all over Europe and decided to offer us his taxi services, which turned into a lot more. Soon, he started doubling as our personal bodyguard and tour guide. Words can’t explain our gratitude for his help and general presence.

And, of course, an open market wouldn’t be complete without food stalls and delicious street snacks. We stopped for freshly made mango juice and enjoyed every sip under the scorching sun.


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