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In this video, sponsored by Insta360, we are taking you to Auroville, one of the most unique places in India, also known as the City of Dawn. 

Founded by Mirra Alfassa in 1968, this is an incredible living experiment where people from all around the world come together in unity and harmony. It has been recognized globally for its forward-thinking approach toward the transformation of human consciousness, making it a unique and globally-funded project.

Arriving to Auroville - India's Experimental City of the Future

We arrived in Auroville from Chennai through Puducherry. Before we decided to stay, we first wanted to walk around and explore this incredible town. 

It felt a lot different than the rest of India. We noticed it was cleaner, more organized, and even cooler because of the Avatar-like forest planted around the town. 

As a matter of fact, the center of Auroville was chosen according to the location of the famous sacred Banyan tree, which was the only tree in the Auroville plateau at the time of the inauguration of the town. 

What is the Matrimandir?

There was a lot to see and do in Auroville, but its main attraction is the Matrimandir (Sanskrit for “Temple of the Mother”). This massive golden dish-plated sphere signifies the birth of a new consciousness, and even though it’s of spiritual nature, the Matrimandir doesn’t belong to any religion. Unfortunately, we were only visitors, so we were not allowed inside the sphere. 

It was such a cool experience. After a short walk around Auroville, we had already met people from multiple countries and joined them in the communal kitchen for delicious lunch.

The place also has special youth activities for kids and teenagers to get to know each other and contribute to the awesome community spirit. 

Checking Into Our Auroville Guest House & Dinner

In the afternoon, we decided to stay for a few days and checked into a guest house. We had a delicious dinner, and called it a day. 

After such a good night’s sleep, we enjoyed a filling breakfast to keep our energy levels up for the Auroville bike tour we planned. 

This is where I wanted to tell you about our sponsor Insta 360, whose X3 waterproof action camera helps us create some epic shots wherever we go. The Insta 360 X3 is such a small yet powerful camera. Plus, it had one of the coolest features - an invisible selfie stick!

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Bike Tour Around Auroville in India

Our bike tour took us to the Auroville library, which held books in 7 different languages! (English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Russian).

Auroville was almost completely cash-free. While there were still a few places left that took cash, we mostly used the Aurocard to pay for products and services. 

We ended the bike tour with yet another delicious lunch at the Solar Kitchen in Auroville, India

Stay tuned for part 2 of our Auroville adventure!

Enjoy the video!

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