Hey guys! Today, we're taking you on a feathered adventure to the incredible Jurong Bird Park in Singapore.

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Welcome to Asia’s Largest Bird Park

Now, back to Jurong Bird Park! Our day here was filled with awe and wonder. We explored every nook and cranny of the park and got to witness some truly remarkable shows. The "High Flyers Show" left us amazed at the agility and intelligence of these incredible birds. 


Then, we caught the "Kings of the Sky Show" and watched in awe as mighty raptors soared through the air. 


A visit to the African Treetops section was a chance to admire the breathtaking beauty of these majestic creatures up close.


But here's a little tip: Keep shiny objects away from sight! These birds are known to have a keen eye for anything that sparkles.


We were also fascinated by the impressive instincts of the birds and learned so much about their behavior and habitat.


The "Parrot Paradise Sanctuary" was a colorful spectacle, and we got up close and personal with these chatty birds.


Jurong Bird Park is Moving to Bird Paradise at Singapore Zoo

Now, here's something important to note: Jurong Bird Park in Singapore has officially closed its doors since January 2023, and all its beautiful feathered residents have been relocated to a better, bigger sanctuary called Bird Paradise next to the Singapore Zoo.


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