FORT KOCHI INDIA SUNSET TOUR 🇮🇳😲 Top Thing To See and Do in Kochi Kerala

Hi Guys! Still in India 😀

There is so much to see and do in Kochi, so we decided to tackle the attractions one by one.

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Now, let’s get back to Fort Kochi.

We jumped in 2 separate Ubers and headed for the fort. Traffic wasn’t as bad as we expected but driving in India is always an experience. The honking, the smells, the cows, the jaywalkers, the merging… crazy but still fun to be part of (for a short while, LOL). 

Sunset & Selfies - Discovering Fort Kochi India on Foot

Chantal and Chloe arrived first at Fort Kochi just to realize it wasn’t exactly a fort, it was an entire area to discover. So many stalls and people selling all kinds of things, from fish and chicken to gadgets and clothing. 

Kochi is famous for its beautiful sunsets, so we were looking forward to seeing one too. Shortly after, our family was reunited, and together we continued exploring Fort Kochi. It was cloudy, so we thought we would miss the sunset, but hey, we didn’t! 

We took plenty of awesome pictures and videos of the magnificent, orange-hued views. Just gorgeous!

There were so many people just walking around, and we thought we were blending well, but apparently, we didn’t. Can you imagine the number of selfies we were asked to participate in? Phew 😀

Catching a Ferry Like Locals in Kochi

On our way back, we thought we could mix it up a bit, and instead of Uber, we decided to go back to Bolgatty by ferry. Guess what happened! Yep, we missed the first one, but luckily the next one came pretty quickly.

And just when we thought we were going back to the Grand Hyatt, we realized we were not exactly in Bolgatty, so we had to jump on an auto rickshaw to finally reach our hotel. 

Grand Hyatt Bolgatty Weekend Fair 

It was the weekend, and we learned that The Grand Hyatt Bolgatty organized a small fair where guests could shop for souvenirs and handicrafts - something to remember Kochi by. 

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Enjoy the video!

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