DISCOVER CHENNAI INDIA 🇮🇳 Must-See Spots & World’s Second Longest Beach சென்னை

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Welcome to another video from incredible India! This time we are exploring Chennai, the 4th largest city in the country and the state capital of Tamil Nadu. 

Getting Ready for Sightseeing in Chennai, India

We quickly got ready, but it took us about an hour to find a ride. Unfortunately, due in part to the busy wedding season, it wasn't easy to find an Uber or ride-sharing service. In the end, we opted for a couple of auto-rickshaws instead. Tyler and Chloe stayed behind for a bit to finalize our next trip, as we planned to move toward Pondicherry after the Chennai tour. 

Kapaleeshwarar Temple and St. Thomas Basilica in Chennai

Our first stop for the day was the Kapaleeshwarar Temple. This is an important Hindu worship place with stunning architecture.

From Hindu, we move to Catholic grounds, visiting the St. Thomas Basilica in Chennai. The most interesting fact about the Cathedral is that it was built on top of Saint Thomas's grave, which makes it one of only three cathedrals enshrining the resting place of an Apostle. We were stunned to learn how early Christianity reached India.  

Valluvar Kottam Monument & Government Museum

Leaving St. Thomas basilica, we headed for the Valluvar Kottam Monument, dedicated to Thiruvalluvar, one of the greatest Tamil poets and philosophers.

While we were hopping around Chennai, Tyler and Chloe decided to explore the Government Museum. It’s a museum of human history and culture, the second oldest in India. It’s an unusual place, unlike any other museum. Plus, it was super hot and confusing. Finally, we found the right exhibit that showcased plenty of gorgeous statues and artifacts.

Chennai is a truly interesting and diverse place. As the 4th largest city in India, it’s also one of the tourist hubs and largest automobile producers in the country. 

The Portuguese were the first Europeans to conquer what is today known as Chennai in 1522. Then the Dutch arrived in 1612. And finally, the Brits took over in 1640 and built St. George Fort, which we were about to see next. 

Fort St. George & Chennai Marina Beach - 2nd Longest in the World

Once we reunited, we headed for St. George - a fort and now a museum and governing seat of Chennai. 

After touring the Fort area, we spent some time at the longest beach in India (and the 2nd longest in the world!) known as Chennai Marina Beach. 

We had some food, dipped our toes in the Indian Ocean, and took a bunch of selfies with the locals. Then we jumped on the first auto-rickshaw we found and headed back for our luggage before continuing on to our next destination,

Stay tuned for our upcoming adventure in Auroville, India!

Enjoy the Video!

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