CHENNAI FIRST IMPRESSIONS 🇮🇳 Tamil Nadu Sleeper Bus Madurai – Chennai

Hi Guys! In this video, we are moving from Madurai to Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India, and partnering with Jase Medical.

Having Fun on a Sleeper Bus in India

Since we were looking at a 7-hour drive, we decided it would be best to get on a sleeper bus for the first time! It was tight and super hot, but it was the best option for work and travel at the same time. 

On top of it, we had no idea where we would spend the night since 90% of the hotels and Airbnbs in Chennai seemed to be at capacity. 

Late-Night Chennai Hotel Check-In and Dinner

Luckily, we managed to book rooms for the night, so the moment we arrived, we jumped on the first auto rickshaws we saw and headed for the hotel.  

It was very late, and we were extremely hungry. Luckily, the hotel staff were very hospitable and even upgraded our rooms for free. After we checked in, we ordered some delicious Indian food and pizza.

Moving to an Airbnb in India - Chennai Overbooked!

The morning brought the same challenge, as we were only able to book a place on Airbnb for the next 24 hours. We found one that was clean and spacious and had a decent kitchen with a washer. Too bad it wasn’t available for more than one day.

To make things worse, the girls weren’t feeling too well either, so we had to go out and find them some head cold medicine. For everything else, we have Jase Medical!

Jase Medical: Hunting for Medicine & Groceries in India

Jase Medical is an online medical service that offers lifesaving medication with a travel kit of 5 different antibiotics. 

I am happy to have found them because they have made our lives so much easier. I wholeheartedly recommend that you order your Jase Medical kit before you book your next international flight!  

After we found a pharmacy, we headed to a store to grab some groceries.

Laundry Makes Us So Happy

Back at the Airbnb, we did tons of laundry - it’s crazy how happy we are when we can easily clean our clothes.😀 Makes us think about all the creature comforts we take for granted at home.

Phoenix MarketCity Mall Chennai

That night, we visited one of the local shopping malls in Chennai, Phoenix MarketCity, and grabbed Chili’s for dinner. Although they didn’t have our favorite Mexican choices, the food was still good. 

We ended the night on a great note, with Angelique scoring an incredible milestone - 365 days on Duolingo!

Stay tuned for our upcoming tour of Chennai, India! 

Enjoy the Video!

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