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Join us for a city tour of New Orleans!

After a long drive, we finally arrived to the home exchange we were staying at.

We hit the road running the next morning by doing a walking tour of the Garden District with the Hop On Hop Off Bus and then we toured the whole city on the actual bus.

The following morning we did a 3 hour bike tour with Free Wheelin' Bike Tour. Next we discovered the French Quarter and did another walking tour with Grey Line. We also enjoyed cruising down the Old Mississippi River with the Sanchez Steam Boat.

We visited Mardi Gras World which was amazing as well as a few museums including the National WWII Museum, the Southern Food and Beverage Museum and the Historic New Orleans Collection.

We also discovered their City Park and had fun playing miniature golf.

Overall, New Orleans is known for it's fun, parties, events and culture and we did all of that during our stay there.

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