Muscat Oman 🇴🇲 Incredible Omani Food and Attractions in Muscat

Join us as we explore the city of Muscat — Oman’s beautiful capital.

Unlike its flashy Emirati neighbors Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the capital of Oman offers a more toned-down atmosphere.

Muscat is famous for dazzling busy souks and exquisite fresh seafood, but the most exciting thing about this city is its terrain.

Nestled in the Gulf of Oman, this port city is surrounded by the arid Hajar mountains. In other words, you can trek deserts at dawn, go dolphin watching at sundown and enjoy lots of gushing Omani hospitality in between.

Once we got off the ship and went through customs, we immediately started our walking tour around Muscat.

Our first stop was the Muttrah fish market that was almost the size of a stadium. Then we moved to a smaller fruit and vegetable market where one could find everything from exotic fruits to the rarest of species.

From there, our route took us along the scenic Muscat waterfront and led us into the famous Al Dhalam Muttrah Souk. In Arabic “Al Dhalam” means “darkness” and it was given this name because there is no light coming in. Back in the day, people had to use lanterns to move around.

It was a vibrant and colorful market, bustling with locals and tourists looking for the best deals.

An interesting thing about Oman is that wherever we went, we were welcomed by the fragrant aromas of Frankincense. This oriental raisin is collected from the Frankincense tree in Oman and it’s an essential part of every house, market and even food at the restaurants.

The Gold Souk was our last stop before we headed to Old Muscat, the hub of Omani government and culture. Within the walls of Al Jalali Fort, we saw The National Museum of Oman, Al Alam Palace, the House of Parliament and many other administrative buildings.

Still discussing our impressions of Muscat, we hopped on a taxi and headed to the Ubhar Restaurant for some delicious Omani food.

Luckily we got a fantastic taxi driver who turned our ride into a lovely sightseeing tour and explained all about the history and significance of the places we saw along the way.

The moment we arrived at the Ubhar Restaurant, we knew we were in for a treat. Omani food turned out to be incredible. We were served delicious traditional food with some refreshing drinks. Finally, we wrapped it up with a scoop of lightly-textured Frankincense ice cream and tasty pastries.

Impressed with Omani food, we jumped back on the road to see the biggest mosque in Oman. The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque can receive 6500 men and 700 women at the same time, and it was nothing short of breathtaking.

From there, we headed back to the port where the MSC Bellissima cruise ship was waiting to whisk us away to our next destination in the Persian Gulf. Stay tuned!

0:00 Join us in Muscat, Oman
2:18 Muttrah Fish Market
2:50 Muttrah Vegetable Market
3:35 A Walk By The Muscat Waterfront
4:27 Al Dhalam Muttrah Souk
5:43 Oman Frankincense
7:49 Muttrah Gold Souk
9:22 The National Museum of Oman
10:38 Al Alam Palace
14:39 Omani Food at the Ubhar Restaurant
19:45 Royal Opera House
20:33 Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
21:43 Back on the MSC Bellissima

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