Living in Dubai UAE 🇦🇪 The Most Luxurious City In The World

Join us as we show you a different side of the Pearl of the Gulf. This time we’re living like the locals based at a home exchange in the Dubai Marina!

As we continue on our tour around Dubai, we start with a visit to the Mall of The Emirates. We found a ski slope here inside this mall, and it’s still only a fraction of the size of the Dubai Mall. 😳 Can you believe it?

The shops were super crowded as it happened to be Black Friday and thousands of people were looking for deals. The craziest thing was that the mall was still open and full of shoppers at midnight. So we got carried away too and literally closed the mall.

Unfortunately, it meant that the metro had also closed for the day, so we had to find another way out. I wouldn’t say we got lost, but we did end up at the cargo area after following some workers around to find an exit!

Who would have thought that exiting a mall could turn into such an adventure!

Next, we decided to go back to the Dubai Mall where we tried chocolate made with camel’s milk, saw a 24-meter-long dinosaur skeleton, and checked out the massive aquarium. Stay tuned for an “aquatic experience” coming soon!

And while shopping malls were great fun, we wanted to explore a different part of Dubai, so we headed to the Old Town area. Right away, we could feel a different, more genuine kind of vibe with all the skyscrapers missing.

We first checked out the Al Fahidi historic district, which made us feel like we were inside the Aladdin movie. This area was full of museums, antique shops, and souvenir boutiques, giving us a different perspective on Dubai culture.

Our next stop was Dubai Creek, where we found the Textile Market — a bustling place full of color and fabrics. And since we were already tired and hungry, we sat down at Nepalese restaurant for a traditional and very affordable dinner. We got five full meals for under $20, which speaks volumes about the difference in prices compared to downtown Dubai.

Back home at the Marina, we had the chance to witness one of the most amazing fireworks shows ever in honor of Dubai’s National Day.

Another souk (market) we visited was the Souk Madinat Jumeirah that, alongside the countless stalls and shops, offered a breathtaking riverside area full of cafes and restaurants.

Right behind, we could see the world’s most expensive and fourth tallest hotel, Burj al Arab. Rising proudly from a man-made island, the “Tower of Arabs” was opened in 1999 and cost about $1 billion to build.

Among the other places we checked out were the spice, perfume, and gold markets. Something we found interesting about them was that there were hidden shops behind the regular ones where they offered more expensive and branded merchandise.

Soon it was time to leave our home exchange, so as always, we spent the morning cleaning to leave the place as we found it, and Chloe made it look sooo much fun.

Stay tuned for more Dubai videos; we have a lot more to show you!

0:00 Good Morning From Dubai
1:20 Taking the Dubai Metro
2:36 Welcome to the Mall of Emirates
3:04 A Ski Slope Inside a Shopping Mall?
3:26 Black Friday in Dubai
4:16 Trapped in the Mall, How Do We Get Out?
6:02 Back to the Dubai Mall
6:11 Camel Milk Chocolate
8:21 Dubai Old Town
9:03 Al Fahidi Historical District
10:05 Remnants of the Dubai Old City Wall
10:45 Dubai Creek
11:37 Traditional Dubai Market
12:08 Sand Art
12:48 Nepalese Restaurant Dubai
14:34 Dubai Textile Market
16:04 Fireworks for the National Day of Dubai
17:55 Souk Madinat Jumeirah
18:43 Burj Al Arab - The Most Expensive Hotel in the World
20:16 Secret Stores in the Dubai Markets
21:00 Gold Souk
21:28 Spice Souk
22:07 Dubai Creek Ferry Boat
22:28 Chloe in Cleaning Mode
23:30 A DIY Haircut for Angelique

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