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Join us for a tour around the world within Dubai’s Global Village.

Celebrating the world’s cultural diversity, Global Village is one of the busiest hotspots in Dubai during the winter season (Nov till April) and offers a unique way to experience cultures and traditions for just $5 US!

It features 26 global pavilions, heaps of food stands, hundreds of concerts and cultural shows, thousands of shops, rodeo rides, and even a “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” museum. It’s so massive that we were told we would need 2 days to see everything.

We started with the countries of Bahrain, Kuwait Yemen & Iran. They were full of bustling colorful shops and street stalls loaded with traditional delicacies to try. For instance, Yemen is famous for producing some of the best honey in the world, often compared to New Zealand’s Mānuka honey.

Next in line were Morocco and Saudi Arabia where Chloe had her shoe repaired and Chantal tried different types of cardamom coffee. When combined with coffee, cardamom adds a rich layer of complexity that compliments the coffee's fruity bitterness.

After that was India! Very few countries carve a lasting impression on a visitor as India does, and the Indian pavilion did it justice. We could feel the beat of this mystical land of ancient civilizations, cultures and people in the traditional bazaars showcasing specialty goods from every part of the country. Whether looking for the best bargain in the jewelry or clothing stalls, or watching a traditional dance, people were really enjoying it here.

Then we walked into the vibrant African pavilion next door to Egypt! The stalls of Africa offered a variety of traditional products including colorful straw bags and baskets, traditional wooden souvenirs, leather goods, drums and handicrafts. There were also unique delicacies from every corner of the continent.

A visit to Global Village cannot go without exploring the Turkish pavilion. It was amazing to see the Ottoman Empire brought to life through the traditional Anatolian glass and ceramic ware, fine calligraphy and bustling bazaars full of finest Turkish delicacies.

Next door, we found the Pakistan Pavilion. Famous for its rich culture and tradition, Pakistan is a country full of incredible surprises. From leather goods, cotton & silk fabrics to traditional artifacts and Balochi dresses, the stalls were nothing short of amazing. Shopping apart, visitors were also treating themselves to Pakistani chaat, sweets, samosas, kulfi, lassi and much more.

Then we made one more stop in the Middle-East, to Jordan, where we moved to the rhythm of traditional Jordanian music and dances.

Moving west we explored Europe and the Americas and finally reached the global food court where you can find national dishes and delicacies from literally every country in the world.

Next on we witnessed the vast cultural richness and diversity of Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, and Syria.

Then we decided to have a sneak peek at the countries of Asia’s Eastern Block including Vietnam, The Philippines, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and China. Roaming around the stalls and shops was a real trip down memory lane of the time when we traveled around the region.

Last but not least on our tour through the Global Village were the Balkan countries. Chantal was in for a huge surprise when we reached Bosnia. She actually met the doctor from Sarajevo who had created her face cream just as she was running out. What a lucky coincidence!

Thanks for joining us on our “trip around the world”. Stay tuned for more surprises from breathtaking Dubai!

0:00 Let’s Discover Dubai’s Global Village
2:54 Bahrain & Kuwait
3:15 Yemen
3:52 Iran
5:00 Morocco
5:42 Saudi Arabia
6:27 India
7:15 Moving to Africa
8:08 Egypt
8:23 Turkey
8:40 Pakistan
8:58 Europe
9:18 The Americas
9:46 Jordan
10:30 Food from Around the World
10:42 Lebanon
11:27 Azerbaijan
11:43 Afghanistan
12:14 Syria
12:48 Vietnam & The Philippines
13:18 Thailand
13:53 Japan
14:20 South Korea
14:35 China
15:17 Balkans

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