Burj Khalifa 🇦🇪 World’s Tallest Building & 21st Century Marvel in Dubai UAE

Hi and welcome to the World’s tallest building - the Burj Khalifa!

On our two-day stop in Dubai, while cruising the Persian Gulf, we decided to visit the famous Burj Khalifa.

But, before heading over to the skyscraper, we went for a quick tour of Old Dubai. As we were planning where to go next, there was a call for prayer, and all of a sudden, hundreds of men flooded the streets and started praying. It really was a special experience.

Then we took Pepe, who was traveling with us, to one of our favourite Nepali restaurants in Dubai where we enjoyed some delicious veggie curries and fried rice for lunch.

Next, it was time to visit the Burj Khalifa, but first we had to figure out where the entrance was. Don’t laugh at us, but after circling the entire building we finally found a way in through the lobby of the Armani Hotel, which is situated within the Burj. Since we were carrying around a suitcase full of laundry from the ship, it looked like we were ready to check in.

At the hotel we learned the main entrance turned out to be right through the shopping mall where we had originally started our search. 🤦‍♀️

Pepe offered to treat us to SKY lounge VIP badges that gave us access to food, drinks, and passes to skip the waiting lines.

Also, there was a tour guide who shared many fun facts about the Burj Khalifa and showed us the way to the fastest elevator in the world that only takes about 77 seconds to reach the 125th floor. Then we switched to another elevator that took us up to the 148th floor!

The first elevator was dark inside with illuminated visuals of the skyscraper and our current position, relative to other towers around the world, as we moved up the building.

When we arrived at the 148th floor, we were welcomed to the Sky Lounge with a cup of delicious coffee. Needless to say, the views were beyond breathtaking! Everything seemed so tiny from above, even the massive MSC Bellissima cruise ship that the girls spotted in the distance.

Once we took all that beauty in, we descended back to the 125th floor. The coolest thing about this level was that visitors were actually allowed to step outside the Burj Khalifa. We didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity because it allowed us to see the Dubai Fountain show from above which was another amazing experience. They even played the same music at the top of the building as down below.

Visiting the tallest building in the world was truly an epic experience. It’s hard to believe that some go even higher than the 148th level, all the way to the very top! Tom Cruise has done this as well as Nicole Smith-Ludvik, a stunt actress, in the recent Emirates Airline video. It’s true, she really did the stunt and you can watch the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQHhY...

The next day, we returned to Old Dubai to visit the Dubai Museum. It was all underground and it had different exhibits that showed what Dubai was like in the past. They even had real sand inside to help us visualize walking in the desert.

For lunch, we decided to visit the Mall of the Emirates and grab some Mexican food at Chili’s

Meanwhile, Chantal and Chloe, who had stayed back on the ship, ventured out for a walk around the famous Jumeirah beachfront at La Mer packed with shops and tourist attractions.

In the evening, we all met up at La Mer to watch the movie Jumanji in a world-class deluxe theater. Big comfy reclining chairs, blankets, and a great movie were the perfect way to end our on-shore adventure.

However, the night didn’t end there. Back onboard the MSC Bellissima, we enjoyed another fun evening filled with good food, good desserts, and good times.

Stay tuned for more fun videos from our cruise around the Persian Gulf!

0:00 Let’s Explore Burj Khalifa
1:39 Friday Muslim Prayer
2:02 Lunch at Silver Spoon Nepali Restaurant
2:18 Finding our Way Into the Burj Khalifa
3:37 We Are Sky VIP
3:57 Burj Khalifa Fun Facts
4:33 Burj Khalifa Guided Tour
5:07 Riding The Fastest Elevator in the World
7:05 Coffee & Amazing Views From The Top of the Burj Khalifa
7:57 Outside Views from the Top of the Burj Khalifa
8:50 Dubai Fountain Show from the top of the Burj Khalifa
9:25 Tour around the Dubai Museum
9:58 Mexican Lunch at Chili’s in the Mall of the Emirates
10:12 Sightseeing at La Mer, Dubai
11:37 Watching Jumanji at the Roxy Cinemas in Dubai
12:30 Fun Evening aboard MSC Bellissima

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